Friday, December 19, 2008

Cereal Challenge # 2

My experiment with sugary American breakfast cereal continues apace. Yesterday, I bought a box of Froot Loops!;considered by many to be Holy Grail of sugary American breakfast cereal. As I opened the plastic, I was greeted by a sweet chemical aroma (I'm getting.....Magic Marker). I left them to soak in the milk for a while, turning it a soft blue - not unlike the colour of fabric softener. They were, however, delicious. There was no headache or sugar rush, as you would expect with Reese Puffs. I was very mellow. Froot Loops! are the downers of the cereal world. I watched the Colbert Report and waited for the inevitable shooting pain, but it never arrived.

Next on my list is Lucky Charms. I don't really get the logic behind them though. Are kids so spoiled that they will only eat cereal with sweets in it? When I was growing up, I got Weetabix. No Gummie Bears or Twizzlers included. If I didn't eat them - I went to school hungry. Simple.

At some point in the near future, I will also go Coocoo for Coco.

Well, the snow has finally arrived with a vengeance. It's times like this that a Star Trek teleporter would be handy. I have yet to be asked by a Canadian what I think of the snow. My response would undoubtedly lead to the statement "YOU THINK THIS IS SNOW??? THIS IS NOTHING!!!" You've got to love that dependability. I have to go to the bank in this. I would rather not. At least not without a team of huskies and the necessary supplies to make camp if the ten minute walk overwhelms me. If I don't put up anything for a couple of days, send out a search party.

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