Friday, December 12, 2008

I rest my case.

So, back home I tend to have a lot of conversations with my boys about the state of hip-hop. DJ Merkin, in particular is of the opinion that hip-hop as we knew it when we were young is dead. I agree with him to an extent, but believe that there is a new generation of kids who make music with the same aesthetic that we knew and loved.

Charles Hamilton's Pink Lavalamp was released this past Monday for download and I feel vindicated by this pseudo-album's existence. Charles has only just turned 21, yet here he is hooking up the jazzy loops that were the preserve of the likes of Primo and The Chocolate Boy Wonder during our salad days. Indeed, the recent exchange of comments with Soulja Boy has in some ways set Mr. Hamilton as a champion of the underground (despite the fact both artists are signed to the same label). The album really gives me that De La Soul/ MF Doom feeling. Expect some fiercely introspective yet playful lyricism and beats that make you screw up your face just a little....

It would be cruel of me to offer such high praise and not share. May I present:

Charles Hamilton - Brighter Days.

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