Thursday, November 20, 2008

Coldest Winter

For the past month and 5 days, I've been walking around here like Eddie in Coming To America when he first gets to Queens. All bundled up, multiple scarves etc. but it actually snowed properly for the first time yesterday. All the Canadians I have met so far have so far asked me if I'm cold. When the answer comes back affirmative, their reply is always "JUST WAIT 'TIL FEBRUARY!!" This makes me a little nervous, but the way I see it, I might as well make the most of all my extremities before one of them gets frostbitten off.

Right now, I'm watching Sportscenter as Lucky eyes me suspiciously from a chair across the room. I don't let her out of the house, because she's out there until she gets cold. If she doesn't feel the freeze before I go to bed, there is every possibility I could come down in the morning to find a cat popsicle waiting for me on the back steps. Blue [Magic] is chilling. 24 hours have passed and neither the cat or the dog has died/ got lost/ gone feral. The last time I watched pets for someone, it was our neighbour's stick insects in the 80's. My mum wouldn't let me keep them in the house so they stayed in the shed. And there they died. My mum then went to the petshop to replace them. Unfortunately, the only ones they had in stock were brown. Our neighbours stick insects were green. This led to the rather unconvincving explanation that "they may have caught the sun". I can't replace either of the pets here so if all goes well, by Monday I should be 2/2.

I also tried American cereal for the first time since I've been over here. I bought a box of Reese's Puffs. I can fully understand why this shit is bad for kids. For about 10 minutes I had a stomach ache. Then I felt the desperate need to bench press the shit out of something.

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