Sunday, November 2, 2008

What's a goon to a GOOOOBLIN?

Finally have a second for reflection after this weekend. Wow. They really go all in on the Halloween thing over here. I saw Abraham Lincoln riding the tram, a few Heath Ledger Jokers eating Korean food and drank punch with Betty Boop, a witch, a cat and a priest of the God of Rock. I went as Chef from South Park. Complete with whisk. I promise pictures.

The phone story.

This is turning out to be an epic. I left my Canadian mobile in the back of a cab when I was worse for wear the other day. It's a Motorola that my cousin, Lily gave me - and up til Thursday, it was serving its' purpose. First time I've lost a phone in over 10 years. Anyway, long story short - I've been in contact via my phone with the cab driver for the past three days in order to try and retrieve said appliance. It's an exercise in trust to say the least, but gives me a little faith in the milk of human kindness. I might interview the driver when I finally manage to track him down.

Hit downtown Hamilton with my cousin, Punch last night. We ended up bonding over old records and chocolate roin. I also saw a raccoon for the first time.That fucked me up. For all my English people it's like seeing a badger just chilling in a tree. Quite unexpected.

The cab ride home was insane. First off, a good 15 drivers decided they would rather drive around with an empty car than take the chance that I might do a runner on them. I froze my arse off for almost half an hour before I got picked up. The guy who picked me up seemed cool at first - for like maybe 10 seconds - he then proceeded to pull out in front of traffic, slam his brakes on and scream an oath in a foreign tongue. After that it was a high speed jaunt across town. The thing that really threw me though was the way he was swerving to avoid pot holes. Just weaving all over the place. Seriously. At one point I remember thinking 'Fuck me, this guy's stolen the cab and he's joy-riding.' I made sure I had keys to hand - just in case I had to attack him while he was trying to abduct me. What does that say about me. I'm sure the poor bastard was glancing nervously in his rear view mirror, trying to figure out what was going through my mind. If he'd known, he would probably have wished that he hadn't stopped to pick me up. The journey was pretty quick though

So, big week coming up. The Election in the States on Tuesday. I'll more than likely write something about that. Looks like I'll be jamming with Punch on the night at Pepperjack Cafe, too. Thursday night, Black Milk, Elzhi and House Shoes in Toronto. The good people over at Audible Treats hooked me up an interview so I shall sit down with Mr. Cross before his show for Format Magazine. His new album Tronic is in stores now, so make sure you check that out. Today - I'm off to see a talk by Dave Gibbons, the artist behind the comic book classic Watchmen. He'll be fielding questions about the upcoming film, no doubt so there may be another story in there....


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