Sunday, November 23, 2008

Saturday, it's Saturday....

(From Garfield Minus Garfield - a look into the shattered psyche of his owner)

I was sitting at home yesterday, when I came to the conclusion that I am slowly turning into Jon Arbuckle from the Garfield cartoon strip. Hanging out with an overly energetic dog and a cat with issues (Usless fact: The cat is also a New Jersy Nets fan, she seemed particularly interested in Vince Carter whenever he appeared on TV when I was watching the game the other night). I had also just finished making lasagne. I had to get out. So, off to the Go Station I went. I caught the bus to Aldershot (Yes, they have one here, too) and rode the train into the city for the first time. There's a different perspective to be had from the train tracks - which is why so many hobo philosophers probably rode the railways back in the days. I finally reached town about 5ish - we really did take the scenic route - and headed over to Spadina to hang out.

After bumping into the guy who dressed as the priest of the God Of Rock at the Halloween Party I went to, I end up meeting two fellow devotees of Hunter S. Thompson - Shaun and Matt. Two good ol' boys from the Big Easy who spend their time travelling to exotic locations and getting top grade marijuana sent to them by courier service. Shaun also told me that, as a tribute to HST he had recently been to the Kentucky Derby and got twisted on Mint Juleps (If you don't know - read a book) Yesterday, they introduced me to two rather interesting strains. Shark's Breath - I'm guessing a cross between Great White Shark and Lamb's Breath - and Cherry Slider - may well be a cousin to Chocolat Thai and Brown Sugar - direct from Humboldt County. Matt was about to turn 39 - Many happy returns, sir - and so the guys were on a mission to paint the town red. Or Cherry.

As for me - I headed back to the sticks as I was planning on hitting a show at Pepperjacks. I dozed on the bus most of the way back, got home, ate lasagne, drank rum and then caught a bus downtown. It had snowed while I was out. It was pretty quiet in Hamilton last night. A lady by the name of Valerie Gore was the first act to play at PJ's. She had the vibe of an upbeat Beth Gibbons to her. I really enjoyed the show, as I sat at the bar, slurping down back to back Jamieson's and Coke. I stayed for most of the Shurelock Groove show, but decided to put myself out of my misery shortly before two. I was drunk and I'd have to walk the dog in less than 5 hours....

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