Saturday, November 29, 2008

The Jam

Last night I crept into the big city once again. I had stayed relatively local all this week after recovering from my pet watching duties, but decided that I needed to stretch my legs once again.

The homegirl Erin put me up on a house that her man Oscar is staying in right now. It's entirely inhabited by musicians and every Friday and Saturday they throw the doors open and just jam. Normally the place is rammed by the time they really get going. I arrived there, a full drum-kit was set up in the lounge, and various instruments lay strewn about. A beautiful old piano rested against the far wall, its front panel removed so you could see all the hammers at work as it was played. The house was completely candlelit. Arty, the drummer led the band as they flipped through a whole mess of music; ideas seamlessly slipping in and out of the mainframe as the session continued. Tianna, a singer from Toronto who is moving into the house this week, handled the vocals and I jumped up and threw a few bars around - just to show them how Woking does.

I loved that it seeemed that they only lived in a house in order to keep the snow off their instruments. I could see these guys riding from city to city in a procession of camper vans.

At 10 o'clock, I had to break out, but next time, I'm planning on hanging around to do the damn thing...

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